Should I “Lend Out” My Virtual Assistant?

A few days ago I received a saddening note from the virtual assistant I’ve been working with for the past year.  She’s been a fantastic part of my team.  Her English was amazing and she was fantastic at thinking “outside-the-box” and coming up with suggestions and improvements. While we parted on very good terms, I couldn’t get a clear idea of why she was leaving. She said she needed to move toward “other projects”.  I offered more money, but her mind was made up.

After a bit more review I believe she fell victim to something that has always been a concern of mine:  I’m not providing my VA’s with enough consistent work.  Going back and reviewing the past year I found that while there were spikes of 20+ hours a week, most of the time the average was only 5 hours a week.  I can completely understand how frustrating this would be to a contractor that might be expecting more consistent work.

Assuming this is the problem, what are my options? Here’s what I came up with: Continue reading “Should I “Lend Out” My Virtual Assistant?”