Wife Outsourcing Using Facebook

Outsourcing Facebook No, it isn’t what you are thinking!   😛

For the past 18 months people have been pestering me to create an account on Facebook.   I’m already a huge fan of LinkedIn for business networking, but just haven’t had as much interest in starting up with Facebook.    Well, about 12 months ago my wife got bitten by the Facebook bug and was then infected from head to toe.  The symptoms were diverse, but she had an acute case of “sit-at-the-computer-all-dayitis”.  She was infected AND addicted!

I don’t remember how or where it hit me, but I realized one of the great powers of  outsourcing is leveraging other people’s specialization of resources.   My wife had become an expert at navigating Facebook and loved to comb its pages.   Seeing that she was one of the main proponents of me starting a Facebook profile I asked her if she would create an account for me and get things started.   Of all the requests I’ve made to her in the 8 years of marriage, Continue reading “Wife Outsourcing Using Facebook”