I’m In Virtual Assistant Love!

Things have been going Great with my oDesk virtual assistant.  She’s been great at completing all the projects I’ve given her.   Here is a list of the projects she’s worked on:

  • Compile a list of potential sponsors for one of my community sites and rank them based on criteria such as “Are they advertising on Google?”   “Do they have a forum / community section of their site?” etc.  Organize all the information including contact pages, phone numbers, etc.
  • Copy all the content (80 pages), page by page, from one of my static sites into WordPress
  • Compile a list of content submissions from my community and rank them based on my criteria
  • Search my forum for information on a topic and collect all the content into a page with links back to the post so I could quickly write a content page from the information.
  • Take the very static pages (180) from a site I purchased and remove the static head / foot information and insert a php header and footer.
  • For a new forum I had her do a Google search for key terms and look for popular forums in my niche.  I had her review and compile a list of the forum categories and sort by popularity.  This really helped me determine which categories to setup on my new forum.

I’m so happy I found this provider!  While I feel I’m just scratching the surface on what I can do with outsourcing I’ve got the feeling that if I can duplicate this with all the other diverse skill areas of my life then I’ll be in a super productive spot!