Outsourcing Success!

 bpovia virtual assistant
One of the companies I’ve been working with in www.BPOVIA.com in China.   The founder, James, is a great guy and was very prompt and professional with his communications with me.   I’m still trying to get a feel for what I want done and how much time my projects will take, but I had a very important project that I’ve been putting off for years.  Basically my grandfather wrote a book that was typed.   About 150 copies were made back in the 1980’s and no soft copy exists.   My task was to convert the hard copy to a soft copy.

The book was 500 pages (250 double sided) that could be scanned then read with OCR relatively easily.  The problems were someone had to scan and OCR the pages BUT also do all the corrections for words that couldn’t be read.   James quoted me a price that was extremely competitive with other companies locally and even other companies abroad.   I unbound the book, sent him the loose pages, and within a week I had a 4 mb PDF soft copy of my Grandfather’s book!

Other than a few problems sending payment to China via PayPal the whole process couldn’t have gone better.   Kudo’s to BPOVIA and team for a job well done.

Now, to continue on my quest to find the perfect virtual assistant!

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