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  1. Nick, I need an assistant to update this site! 😉

    I’ll be posting an update, but high level: I used http://www.bpovia.com for a project and they did an excellent job. I’ve also been using http://www.oDesk.com quite a bit as well.

    I realized I didn’t have the need for a full time admin assistant which is what many of these companies focus on.

    Stay tuned for more details!

  2. thanks for the reply. I haven’t heard of oDesk.com but I’ve used elance.com multiple times.

    I have about 10 hours of work a week that I can do without, and I’m sure once I get an assistant I’ll find more work to through his/her way. I think I’ll be going with http://www.taskseveryday.com/

    I need someone who can do a lot of web stuff and at the same time handle customer support. I’ll probably get their 80 hours/month plan — 20hours/week. I’ll let you know how it goes if you’re interested.

  3. oh, and I found your site by searching for YMII… I’m reading the 4 hour work week right now 😀

  4. I’ve have had *4* total failures with trying to outsource to India.

    Lack of phone calls, lack of communication, lack of work, lack of response.

    Brickwork – set many times when they were going to phone me and didn’t. couldn’t provide examples of prior work, took MONTHS to provide an estimate.

    GetFriday – Went through 1 week doing NOTHING on my list. Was I to pay for that?

    If someone has a success story, PLEASE let me know!

    Visit my site for my 4 tales of caution!

  5. Dave, I really enjoyed reading your posts at your site: http://uselessfreeadvice.com/

    I think some of those big guys just aren’t a good fit for a lot of us solopreneurs. The books mentioned on our blogs make it sound so easy to get everything up and running… well, you’ve seen the truth of how tricky it can be.

    Well, I’ve got a few updates on this site that you might find helpful!

  6. I’ve been exploring the outsourcing websites and obviously there are pro’s and cons to all of them. I was choosing between Elance.com, Odesk.com and myTino.com. I decided to post a mini project to test the waters and to see how they performed. I got great results from all 3 and even though I was unsure how myTino would turn out considering it’s relatively new to the scene and based in China, I actually got similar results and at a compeitive rate. I’m now working on a couple of other smaller tasks and really liking this idea.

  7. Taskseveryday is terrible, please don’t use them. They charge you initially a min of 40 hours without letting you try them. I paid and just had completely brain-dead people helping me out.

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