“The 4 Hour Work Week” – The Good Stuff: Outsourcing

The 4 Hour Work Week
“Step 3… A is for automation” begins the 4th track in my audio book “The 4 Hour Work Week“. 

 To my utter surprise… only a few days after reading the article “My Outsourced Life” I started hearing the EXACT SAME article being read to me through my speakers!  I was shocked at the amazing coincidence.  I hadn’t even expected that this book had anything to do with outsourcing, let alone outsourcing to India!?

 My outsourcing juices are really flowing now.  Ferriss makes an excellent point in this chapter… paraphrasing, he says that the steps of going through the process of initiating a relationship with a virtual assistant is more valuable than the instant benefits of the work they perform.  The learning and experience related with the process… getting one’s feet wet is what counts.   It is here and now that I commit to at least testing a virtual assistant relationship.  I will also document the process of How I Outsourced My Life!

12/30/07 Update:  The more exposure I get to Tim Ferriss and his philosophy the more I am impressed and excited.   I’ve been devouring everything I can get my hands on as it relates to his DEAL principles.   A great summary of some of the concepts I really like can be found here: http://manisheriar.com/blog/my-life-may-have-just-been-changed

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  1. Wow I’m delighted to have discovered your blog.

    Great to find such passion around the subject of outsourcing – thank you!

    I’ve also enjoyed Tim’s ideas and I’m learning lots.

    It’s always been clear to me that we get the best results when we focus on building our lives around what matters to us the most, so it is very helpful to find all sorts of practical ideas here, and plenty of inspiration too.

    Thanks again.

    Much love,

    Ian Aspin (twitter.com/ianaspin).

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