Where To Live If You’re Not Tied To A Job?

Live AnywhereI posted this on the 4hourworkweek forum and while not directly about outsourcing, there is a significant tie in:   If you fully outsource your life, they you aren’t tied to a specific geographic reason.  If that’s the case, then you’ve got a LOT of flexibility with where to live.   Here are my thoughts I wrote in my forum post:

I’ve been working hard to generate a passive income. Fortunately even though my income isn’t 100% passive yet, it IS 100% free of geographic requirements / ties. I’ve been able to accomplish this in large part due to my utilization of outsourcing work to virtual assistants.

In a nutshell I can live anywhere in the world and my income will remain the same.

So, here is the question:  Where should I live?   I’m open to living anywhere in the world.

My requirements:

Relatively Inexpensive:  No reason to move from where I am (California) if it isn’t going to be cheaper to live.

Family Friendly:  I’ve married and have two kids in elementary school.  I need to ensure that my family feels happy and safe and that my family will get the education and social interaction that will prepare them for the rest of their lives.

Stable Political Structure:  Some areas in the world are cheap, beautiful, etc. but the political issues may not be very stable.  Related to the above, I don’t want to pull my family somewhere that isn’t going to be friendly / safe.

Decent Climate: Living in California has spoiled us.  We’d love to live somewhere with a moderate climate… (we’re more sensitive to extreme cold, i.e., not big fans of lots of snow).

So, any suggestions?   In this huge world we have and my flexibility to move wherever I want regardless of income, where would you suggest?

NOTE: I did open this discussion up to the whole world, but don’t feel the obligation to think only outside of the US.   If there are wonderful places in the US that meet these requirements I’d love to hear them!   Speaking of which, this is a great tool for finding places in the US to live based on various criteria:  http://www.pfbestplaces.com/default.asp?pageAction=Search

Looking forward to your replies!

2 Replies to “Where To Live If You’re Not Tied To A Job?”

  1. Good day,

    How about coming to Singapore.
    The cost of living should be on par or less than California.
    We have a really stable political system and government here. Lots of Sunshine (most of the time) unless its raining like during the seasonal monsoon wet seasons.

    the education system is good with ample international schools. Its also ultra safe with very low crime rates :>

    Steven Ho

  2. While not exactly cheap, Copenhagen is very nice city and it was named the happiest place on earth.

    I guess everyone’s situation will be a little different, yours especially as you have a wife and kids to consider, but if you have the means, enjoy it all.

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